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I think I want to start with today’s agenda. Since I am technically bored and I do not have anything else to do. Thanks to my laptop. Thanks to mum who paid for the wifi and paid for my drinks, etc. Today was an unproductive day at school. Let us start with my morning. So, I woke up at 5 something. On my way to school, I listened to numbers of ridicule songs. Mum told me I should get a counselor when she listened to my music. She was concerned that I felt lonely and all that. But, it doesn’t really matter to me though. It’s not about my surroundings or anything. It is typically just me.

Morning at school was gloomy. I did not talk much during Physics class. Just too tired. I mean, I seriously need five days of rest for now. Plus, with my mathematical and logical thinking ability, I don’t think five days of rest are going to be enough.

I quit motivating myself forward, which I have no idea why. I keep complaining and getting mad at myself for not doing things good enough.

Recess was cool. Though, I missed my best friends. They were doing librarian stuffs in the library, of course. I interviewed for the post for librarians, but they didn’t accept me. Well, just no luck for me, I guess?

We watched videos. Laughed so much. Izzat tried to mimic Treetrunks’s voice from the Adventure Time. Joke accepted. Whenever I looked at his face when he was making that attempt, I seriously wanted to scream out loud saying “Dude, stop it, you’re embarrassing yourself!!” But, thinking that he is my best friend made me stop myself from shouting in his face. Good times, though.

He’s a good friend but Am and I, was always trying to motivate him to be tougher and all that. We know, he could do better.

Today’s evening, we listened to Izzat’s rants and how he was trying to convince us that he will live under a rock in the future and that was a dream to fulfill. Finally, he told us he was joking but nah, we were like, the joke is better when you do not joke about it. You get me?

I am now at home, on Twitter, Tumblr and this blog for my babbles. I better get ready for tomorrow’s agenda!!