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I do not know why nowadays, people tend to “wear” the term depressed even when they are not. I mean, why do you want such things? Why do you want to be depressed? I don’t get it. Some people who actually have inner depression, does not even tell everyone that they actually have the sickness. You, that does not even know what depression is, you brag to everyone that you have depression? Why? Seriously.

Second, people start revealing the dark evil sides of themselves. They started to be like “I’m the most evil person on Earth! Not you!”.. Are you seriously proud of that? Clearly, it is not amusing. Not even a bit. But, this is all I can say to you, God bless.

People, please. Spread the positives. Even if you have your dark sides or evil alter ego or whatever you call it, do not encourage it to take actions. Because in the end, it will definitely kill yourself. Trust me.