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Talking about dreams, each and every one of us will start talking about wealth, relationships, career, money and all that. As for me, what I really want in life is that I want to live my life to fullest. Well, some people may be like “Oh, that is quite lame..” but I have my own reasons.

Last few months, I was diagnosed with lipoma. It is a tumour which is located on the left side of my neck. At first, I freaked out, afraid it was cancerous. Thank God, it is not. But the doctor advised me to remove it. Because eventually, it will grow. So, I have to wake up every single morning with medicines and all those stuffs. I find it exhausting though. Sometimes, I just wish I could put an end to it. 

Life is unexpected. We will never know what would happen in the future. In the future though, I wish I would have my own family, my own kids, my own cosy little house as I never wished for a huge one and also, I could actually picture myself being a doctor or a scientist or a vet. I would wake up every morning with kisses on my children’s cheeks and their happy faces looking at me. But I know, all of it needs effort.

It’s just that, I hope my life will get better in the future. Aamiin.