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So I was thinking of two words “intense” and “in tense”. Technically, those words really sums up my life for now. I’m intensely in tense.

Exam week. More papers to go. So far, I don’t have any confidence of obtaining any As for any of my papers. It’s like, I did study but it’s just not enough and I keep sighing at the fact that I have to study so I ended up not studying at all. 

School is perhaps one of the most ridiculous things that has ever existed in my whole life. If I had to choose between having school or having a tutor at home, of course, I would definitely choose to stay at home. School is the reason you have enemies. School is the reason your parents choose to compare you to the other kids because they’re better than you. School is the reason why you became a ruined person. School is the reason why you lose friends. But thanks to school, you’re better than not educated at all, right?