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So I am literally hoping that this post won’t end up like the other post I tried to write the other day. I was typing a post which was actually more than 500 words. And BAM! I posted it, it was a blank post. Tried to retrieve it but failed. There goes one of the worst days of my life…

Cats are the best. I actually consider them as my animal totem. My life is filled with cats. Cats stories, kittens, cats’ food, cats etc. On Saturday night, I got home and found FIVE bloody dead cat embryos lying on the floor. And of course, I was shocked. Cried so much. It was technically one of my worst nightmares so. It was my cat, Meyo. They were hers 😦

But yesterday, my dad bought home a new kitty cat. It was a black one, pretty. I decided to name her Tami. Yay! Lost 5, got a new one instead. Thank you universe!

We had our exam today. I’m glad because tomorrow is our last paper. I can’t wait to finish and holiday is around the corner 🙂